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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

PEP COMICS #42 - On newsstands July 1943

Harry Sahle was now writing and drawing Archie in Pep Comics as Bob Montana was headed off to boot camp and then World War II (actually, Montana would be fortunate to be stationed in New York during his military stint and still be able to contribute part time to the series).
   Sahle had co-created the Black Widow for Timely Comics a few years earlier (not to be confused with the modern day character), and would later go on to create the teen humor character Candy for Quality Comics, which he worked on for most of the characters 12 years there.

(Side note: The Black Widow character debuted in Mystic Comics #4, August of 1940, and is considered comics' first costumed, super powered female protagonist. She was a supernatural anti-hero who gathered deserving souls for Satan!)

Sahle's first few Archie stories had featured Jughead as Hitler, a story where Betty and Veronica didn't even appear (Pep #40), and another where Veronica showed up for just a few panels.  By the looks of Pep Comics #42, somebody must've told him to 'spice it up'!

Here, you can tell, Sahle put some extra effort into the splash page, adding some sex appeal with the humor:

Compare that to the previous issue splash page:

Somebody at MLJ had obviously given Sahle some 'pointer's' on what Archie stories were all about!

Veronica making her point to Archie's mom.

This baby picture of Archie, and Veronica's reaction to it, cracked me up:

Sahle would take much of what he learned at MLJ doing Archie and translate it to Candy at Quality Comics a few years later:

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