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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The ART of BETTY and VERONICA (2013) 
Edited by Victor Gorelick and Craig Yoe

160 pages - $29.99 srp - Hardcover
B&W and Color material
IDW publishing

Craig Yoe has put out another great Archie book (to go along with many of his other comic related books, see: ( Focusing on Betty and Veronica, you'd think would be a no-brainer, but here we are 70 years on and this is the first real book ABOUT the two Archie girls!

Full of original art, covers, stories, and an overview of the pair in each of the decades, it's a great book to have as a part of your Archie collection! And IDW publishing, so you know you have a quality put together book!

There are special surprises like this Bruce Timm sketch below:

Or how about the original art from a full Harry Lucey story? When do you get to see that? (from Laugh Comics #98, May 1959)

There is, of course, tons of Dan DeCarlo art in the book, as Yoe is a huge fan and, let's face it, he's probably the most popular Archie artist, but I also love this book for the Harry Lucey art that's been included! 
(from Archie Giant Series Magazine #171, Feb. 1970)

Also included is a full Betty and Veronica story by Irv Novick, showing the two fighting and competing with each other. Many of the B&V stories were like that back in the day, and if that isn't enough for you, I'll have plenty more of it here at Undercover Archie!

(from Archie #27, July-Aug 1947)

Very enjoyable collection, very much worth having.
Hopefully they'll continue bringing us more of these! 
And if they need any ideas...Now that we have a DeCarlo Jetta collection from Yoe, how about a George Frese/Harry Lucey Ginger collection!

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