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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

PEP COMICS #39 - On newsstands March 1943

Art by Harry Sahle

Bob Montana had drawn the first 15 of 17 Archie appearances in Pep Comics*, the first Archie appearance on the cover for Pep Comics (#36), and all of Archie #1 and 2. So it must have been quite a surprise to see a mew artist on Pep Comics #39!

(Actually, probably not. Nobody really thought about such things at the time!)

In Harry Sahle's first story, Archie and Betty make a Hitler dummy for throwing baseball's at in order to help the sale of War Bonds. When Jughead decides he'd make a better looking Hitler than the dummy, the inevitable happens!

Yeah... this might not make it past an editor in this day and age...

*Red Holmdale did Pep Comics #34 and 35 while Montana worked on Archie #1 and 2

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