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Friday, October 18, 2013

ARCHIE COMICS #2 - On newsstands February 1943

Archie Comics #2 would be the last we'd see of Bob Montana in Archie for a bit, as he was headed off for military service. (He did have some stories attributed to him appear over the next year in a half in some Lev Gleason comics, most likely these were inventory stories).

Stationed stateside, Montana started off as a filmstrip artist at the Signal Corps Photographic Center on Long Island, and then later at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey. It would be two years before we'd see another Bob Montana Archie story.

Montana would finish things off with an Archie story in Pep #38 and Jackpot #9, but it was his part in Archie #2 that helped kick start the characters own title and push Archie into the mainstream!

No, it wasn't the inspiration for many a pre-code horror title, but rather Mr. Weatherbee and Veronica do Ivanhoe... sort of....

(from Archie Comics #2, Spring 1943)

And we get this Undercover Archie moment of Veronica in the bath... and stepping out of the bath...

(from Archie Comics #2, Spring 1943)

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