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Saturday, February 22, 2014

"Eyes Right!"
from G.I. Joe #15 (September 1952)
Ziff Davis publications

Dan DeCarlo's first work for Archie Comics is credited as a 5 page story in Archie's Girls Betty and Veronica #4 from September 1952. He did that while still fulfilling his art chores at Atlas (Marvel) Comics.

But that same month, one of his freelance pieces was also running in G.I. Joe #15. 
In the previous years'  run of G.I. Joe, Dan had done a military type comedy cartoon called the Yardbirds. But over the summer Matt Baker's Good Girl Military title called 'Canteen Kate' had proved to be popular enough to get a three whole issue run of it's own.

Thus was born DeCarlo's 'Wendy the WAF'. (I'm speculating as to if that influenced him, but it seems pretty obvious. If you get a chance, check out Matt Baker's work. The BEST Good Girl artist of the Golden Age!)

Presented below, having never been reprinted, and straight from my original copy of the comic is Dan DeCarlo's 5 page Wendy the WAF story "Eyes Right".



  1. She could be Betty's cousin! Thanks for the great posts! Glad to find this site. It is Archie Weekend over at the Cap'n's Place, but be forewarned that it gets really, really weird over there sometimes.

  2. Hey great stuff there! Thanks!