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Saturday, February 8, 2014

ARCHIE 1964 Unaired Pilot

Here is the Unaired 1964 Pilot for the Live Action Archie TV Show.
It's actually pretty funny (in a Leave it to Beaver episode kinda way) and follows a standard type of Archie plot, though they got Jughead completely wrong.

Here's Veronica and Betty:

If you're old enough to remember TV programs from this era (which I watched as endless reruns throughout my childhood), it seems surprising that this didn't get picked up or even aired (that I know of) as it follows the standard type of TV comedy story (merged well with an Archie plot) from then.

Hope you enjoy it!

John Simpson as Archie Andrews
Cheryl Holdrige as Betty
Mikki Jamison as Veronica
Jerry Brite as Jughead
William Schallert (Patty Duke Show) as Mr. Andrews
Roland Winters as Mr. Weatherbee
Wayne Adams as Reggie
Mary Grace Canfield (Green Acres) as Miss Grundy

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