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Thursday, February 27, 2014

(April 11, 1916 – October 15, 2004)

Though Irv Novick had a seemingly small part in the Archie titles, highlighting the Good Girl art aspects of Betty and Veronica solo stories for a short time; his place in comics is much larger.

He worked for MLJ (what would later become Archie Comics) from 1939-1946, primarily on their superhero titles.

Of note with MLJ, he created 'The Shield' with writer Harry Shorten, 
and drew the cover for the first issue of Pep Comics. 'The Shield' was the first patriotic themed superhero, preceding Captain America by about three months:

He also drew the cover for Pep Comics #22, which featured the first appearance of Archie in it!
Wish I had about 10 copies of this book....

Irv knew how to 'get with the times' as evidenced by this bondage/torture cover from Pep Comics #18 (my own personal beat up copy). I love this cover! 

Irv left MLJ and went into advertising for a bit, but in 1951 he went to work for DC Comics and began a long career when another MLJ alum, writer Robert Kanigher hired him.

Novick was one of the primary artists for Our Army at War for many years, providing quality art for the stories and some memorable covers.

Many remember him as being inked by Dick Giordano on the Batman books, to achieve that 'Neal Adams' look.

But even inking himself, Novick was a quality Batman artist:

His work on Batman led to him being the lead artist on Denny O'Neil's Joker solo series in 1975:

He also did some Wonder Woman covers:

Irv's eyesight began failing in the 90's and he retired, having spent 50 years working in the industry!
He passed away in October 2004.

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