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Monday, April 21, 2014

The State of the Publishing Line

In 1943, Super Duck was created by Al Fagaly (who did a run of Archie and Pep covers - Al Fagaly Cover Post!) for MLJ Publishing (Archie Comics). 

(from Jolly Jingles #10 - Summer 1943- Al Fagaly)

First appearing in Jolly Jingles #10 (Summer 1943), the character was originally a sort of parody of super heroes (notably Superman), but quickly evolved into a Donald Duck/Scrooge McDuck character. 

(from Jolly Jingles #10 - Summer 1943- Al Fagaly)

Things were...uh... different back then...

(from Jolly Jingles #10 - Summer 1943- Artist Unknown)

It was popular enough that Super Duck the Cockeyed Wonder #1 (September 1944) began his adventures in his own comic that ran for 94 issues through the end of 1960! I have to say... THAT is a great cover!

(from Super Duck #1 - Sept 1944- Al Fagaly)

Most likely influenced by the early talking animal cartoons (Disney's Donald Duck, but more likely the screwball comedy of Warner Brothers Daffy Duck) the subject matter also got a little heavy for the time!

(from Super Duck #3 - May 1945- Al Fagaly)

Some of the companion stories weren't afraid to shoot from the hip either!

(from Super Duck #25 - April 1949- Artist Unknown)

Super Duck had a temper!

(from Super Duck #24 - Feb 1949- Al Fagaly)

If you get a chance to check it out, it's some fun reading!

(from Super Duck #24 - Feb 1949- Al Fagaly)

One of my favorite supporting characters was Hamburger. I think it was those teeth...

(from Super Duck #24 - Feb 1949- Al Fagaly)

And Super Duck's girlfriend Uwanna....

(from Super Duck #24 - Feb 1949- Al Fagaly)

Al Fagaly introduced some... different... characters....

(from Super Duck #24 - Feb 1949- Al Fagaly)

And Super Duck was always willing to meet them....

(from Super Duck #25 - Apr 1949- Al Fagaly)

Sometimes, even when he wasn't meaning to...

(from Super Duck #27 - Aug 1949- Al Fagaly)

And here's a nice little cover gallery!

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