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Friday, March 7, 2014

(Jan 05, 1909 to April 23, 1962)

Al Fagaly's contribution to the history of Archie Comics was in the form of 18 consecutive covers he did, taking over for Bill Vigoda with #17 and ending with #34.

Fagaly had worked in comics for a few years previous, drawing for mainly Marvel (Timely) and Novelty Press.
He was also the creator of Super Duck which he continued to work on for MLJ for another 5 years.
After that, I'm not sure what he went on to do, but it doesn't look like it was anything in comic books.

His first cover for Archie..
(Archie Comics #17, Nov/Dec. 1945)

Archie insults Miss Grundy (Archie Comics #18 Jan/Feb 1946),  a memorable place to eat for Archie! (Archie Comics #19 Mar/Apr 1946) and  Archie loves Veronica! (Archie Comics #20 May/Jun 1946)

Fagaly gets violent! 
(Archie Comics #21 Jul/Aug 1946 - Archie Comics #22 Sept/Oct 1946)

It works the other way as well! Veronica loves Archie! (Archie Comics #23 Nov/Dec 1946) and Archie gets busted! (Archie Comics #24 Jan/Feb 1947) Who's that relative on Archie's wall!?

Fagaly shows Archie's wandering eye (Archie Comics #25 Mar/Apr 1947) and Archie gets creative! (Archie Comics #26 May/Jun 1947)

Besides his first cover, Al Fagaly sure didn't pay much attention to Betty, did he? Hmm...
Well, I won't hold that against him - here's one of my three favorite covers of his...
(Archie Comics #27 Jul/Aug 1947)

This would be my #1 favorite of his. The expression and body language of all three characters is perfect. 
(Archie Comics #28 Sept/Oct 1947)

Another pretty good one... (Archie Comics #29 Nov/Dec 1947)  And, finally a Betty cover... (Archie Comics #30 Jan/Feb 1948)

 Archie mixes his chemicals!
(Archie Comics #31 Mar/Apr 1948)

This would be my third favorite...
(Archie Comics #32 May/Jun 1948)

One last Betty cover... (Archie Comics #33 Jul/Aug 1948)  and Archie answers a question in class! (Archie Comics #34 Sept/Oct 1948

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