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Friday, March 10, 2017

(On Newsstands in May 1952)

No matter how many times I pick up an Archie comic, the chuckle I get from one of these silly covers, still amazes me. Month after month, they put out a seemingly simple joke like this, with just enough of a clever play on words to bring a smile to people's faces... vastly under rated skill...
(from Archie Comics #57 - May 1952, artwork by Bill Vigoda)

25 years later, as a young teenager, I would watch 'Three's Company' on TV, and the idea of comedy misunderstandings would first begin to seep into my consciousness. Archie and friends (who strangely parallel that show on an adult level) most certainly had to have been an influence for it!
Janet and Chrissy, a hair color swap with Betty and Veronica...
Jack Tripper as Archie, as horny, always in trouble and misunderstandings (and physical comedy)
Jughead as Larry (reversing the role and making him a playboy)
Mr. Roper as Mr. Weatherbee, the Reagal Beagle as the Soda Shop...
(from Archie Comics #57 - May 1952, artwork by Bill Vigoda)

Jughead on yet another 'date'. I realize that for years after this he WOULDN'T be on any dates, but apparently it WAS a thing in the early 50's at least!
(from Archie Comics #57 - May 1952, artwork by GCD says Joe Edwards?)

More misunderstandings and Betty's forceful nature....
(from Archie Comics #57 - May 1952, artwork by Bill Vigoda)

Harry Lucey had returned to Archie Comics after doing some advertising work, and his ability to adapt to the Archie 'house style' is very evident on this single story 'Eager Beaver'. Little did they know... he would soon be THE artist of the title for the next 10+ years....
(from Archie Comics #57 - May 1952, artwork by Harry Lucey)

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