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Monday, September 1, 2014

(May 5th, 1932 to August 31, 2014)
Rest In Peace, Stan

On Facebook this morning, I saw that Stan Goldberg had passed away. I checked Mark Evanier's web site and saw it confirmed there. Really, really sad to hear this. Stan was a true gentleman who created so much happy work in his life... our thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family.

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One of Stan's earliest notable accomplishment's in the history of comics, was his vivid coloring he did for many of the early Timely Comics, in particular, his Marvel Boy Astonishing Covers.... He was only 19 at the time!

(Astonishing #3 and #4 from 1951 - art by Bill Everett, color by Stan Goldberg!)

Stan also did the Coloring for a few of these books you might recognize:

Most people know Stan's work from his Cartoon Archie House Style look... but Stan did Millie the Model in a more regular art style for while in the mid to late 60's...

Stan worked with some of the greatest Golden Age, Silver Age, and Bronze Age artists!
He worked in the business for almost 70 years! 

An original piece of art I own from Harvey #1, one of the last books Stan did for Marvel. (Though not the VERY last...)

Marvel's humor and romance titles starting to take a drastic back seat (i.e. they got cancelled) to their superhero books, so Stan went to DC for a short time and worked on DC's version of Archie imitation. It was fun, but didn't last long...

Once at Archie, Stan was right at home with the 'House Style' and quickly established himself as a perfect fit for the company!

When you think about the number of pages and stories that have been published over the 70 years they've been around, you have to wonder... HOW do you keep it interesting?

With the exception of zombies, Archie has been doing it the same way they always have: Incorporate other genre's and fun ideas into the Archie Universe! Since Stan was working early on with 'Life with Archie' and 'Betty and Me' , he got play around with some of these ideas more than most!

All the while keeping within the framework of the 'good wholesome fun' of Archie!

From Sabrina #28, a nice little 6 page story of Stan's that I have the complete OA for...

When Atlas decided to reprint some of the Tippy Teen stories with new covers, Stan did some outside of Archie work in 1975...

Stan also is known for drawing the fan favorite 'Betty Cooper Betty Cooper' 6 part story (a 6 part Archie story? Well, sort of...), which includes two of my favorite Betty Cooper panels ever!
To see my full review of this series go to: Betty Cooper Betty Cooper!

A cool Stan Goldberg cover from the Comic Reader...

Ah yes, one last Marvel Comic from Stan... though we would get one more cover...

IDW gave Stan the Best of treatment, putting him with Harry Lucey, Dan DeCarlo, and Samm Schwartz. Salud!

A final Marvel Cover (a variant) from Stan...

And now, as a final bonus, I present the ULTRA rare, PG-13 rated, Stan Goldberg Archie-ish parody of 'Groupie-Doo', from Apple Pie Magazine #1 (a National Lampoon Rip Off) from 1975.

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