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Friday, December 13, 2013

BETTY and ME #85-86 
(July 1977 - August 1977)

The final part of our look back at the 'Betty Cooper, Betty Cooper' issues, focuses on the last two (#85-86), and while probably my least favorite issues, they DID feature one of the more provocative panels in the history of Archie Comics...
And these names! Oh man... the Idol of Howja Du?

Well that's putting it nicely...
(from Betty and Me #85)

Betty really got to let it all hang out in these issues...
(from Betty and Me #85)

Sing Lo? Long Ghon? Who comes up with these names?
I know it may be a sensitive issue for some people, but I'd actually be amused to see some stereotypes of American's in other cultures media. 
Seriously, hit back as hard as you can! I'd probably laugh my head off at it all day long...
(from Betty and Me #85)

Nicely added cultural trend...
(from Betty and Me #85)

The final issue features some weird Hollywood types and Veronica falling in love with a wax dummy... yeah, it was getting a bit thin... 

Archie fancied himself a Hollywood screen writer... Here he is going through the tough part of town... how often do you see these kind of guys in an Archie Comic?
(from Betty and Me #86)

So anyway, at a certain point, Betty gets captured and CHAINED TO A WALL!
Okay, so maybe it's not such a big deal, but hey, it IS an Archie Comic. 
Hey wait, did he say a 'Whip?'
(from Betty and Me #86)

And they just leave her there...
(from Betty and Me #86)

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