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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

PEP COMICS #23 -24 - on newsstands November/December 1941

Archie started out as a feature toward the back of Pep Comics, and it would be sometime until MLJ became aware they had a hit on their hands. So for the first number of issues they naturally struggled to find an identity and direction; trying different things. Some good, some... not so good.

Not sure what became of 'Pearl' around the Andrews household, but it was probably a good idea that the character was left out of future stories... (from Pep Comics #23)

         Archie's effect on female's hasn't always been limited to Betty and Veronica. Witness this kiss on the cheek he gives to Miss Scott (an early prototype for what would become Miss Grundy). As early in it's history as sequential art storytelling was, Montana has laid out a nice gag in these three panels.
(from Pep Comics #24)

   Archie immediately runs into Betty out in the hallway (literally) and her body language in the middle panel and then Archie's in the third are especially suggestive. If Veronica had never shown up (2 issues later), Betty would've had it made!
Hey...Archie's a blonde in the middle panel!

After all of that Archie ends up in the boys shower and the first skin we get in an Archie story is a boy's butt. What's up with that? Still, I doubt you'll ever see a panel like THIS in an Archie comic ever again!

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